Alle vestigingen van dbieb zijn t/m dinsdag 20 april gesloten. Voor vragen over onze dienstverlening tijdens de sluiting verwijzen we je graag naar de pagina met meest gestelde vragen. Onze online-activiteiten gaan wel door. Raadpleeg hiervoor de webagenda.

frequently asked questions about the library computers

Do you have a question about the computers in the library. Look here for the answer.

computers, internet and wifi


The use of internet on the work stations of our branches is free of charge for members of the library. You can log in right at the top of the start page by entering your membership number (see your membership card, even if it was issued by a different library in Fryslân) and PIN (standard: your day and month of birth, ddmm). It is also possible to log in with a code, for this you can buy a ticket at the payment terminal (€ 1,00 per thirty minutes).
Note: Remember to log out at the end of your internet session. Doing so ensures that the remaining time that day will be saved for you and it prevents unauthorized use of your account. When your time is up, the computer closes down and you will lose all unsaved documents.

not a member (yet)?

Register as a paying subscriber at the customer service desk for an amount of € 5.50. You may then log in as described above and you will be able to browse the internet free of charge for an additional two hours per day. This will also allow you to use your new card to borrow library materials (additional payment per item borrowed). Your card remains valid indefinitely, provided you borrow an item at least once a year.


After you have given a print command, an on-screen dialogue window appears showing the number of prints, the costs per page (€ 0.05 for black and white and € 0.50 for color) and a code that consists of three characters. Click OK, and go to the payment terminal. If you are logged in with your membership card, you can press print at the payment terminal. This will lead you to the login button. Scan your card. Now, select the desired print commands and press print again. You can pay for the prints afterwards. If you are not logged in with your card, note down the printing codes while at the computer and enter these at the payment terminal. You can pay using a bank card or with credit on your membership card or on your ticket. The prints will be produced at the printer near the payment terminal.

free internet sites

The websites and databases in the menu below “databanken” on the start page of the computer can be consulted without the need to log in. However, you are advised to log in first before using these databases. By logging in, you will be able to reach all links in the databases.

free Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Paint

You can use these programs free of charge. Go to “printing” for the print options and to "open file on USB stick” for working with files.

opening/saving USB stick files

You can only save files on your own USB memory stick, inserted in the USB port at the front of the PC. It is found as drive D:. You can find the disc by clicking on “Computer”. You can also reach disc D under the Menu “Programma’s”. If you do not have a USB-stick, you may purchase one at our customer service for € 5,00. They are sold in most branches.

scanning documents

Free scanning is available in the libraries in Leeuwarden, Burgum and Grou. Enquire at the desk.

the use of wifi

In our branches you can use the wifi-network with your own device. Choose for the network BibliotheekSBMF and accept the conditions.

printing from your own device

From your own laptop, smartphone and even from home you can print your Word or pdf file in dbieb (price € 0.05 for black and white and € 0.50 for color)

  1. Go to
  2. Select the file you want to print by Kies bestand and choose for Upload
  3. Choose for the rigt settings for printing (color/black and white, number of pages) en choose Print
  4. A code that consists of three characters and the costs appear on the screen. Note down the printing code
  5. Go to the branche of dbieb you want and go to the payment terminal near to the printer
  6. Choose for Printen and enter the code
  7. You can pay using a bank card or with credit on your membership card or on your ticket. The prints will be produced at the printer near the payment terminal

N.B: Do you want to print an Excel file? Convert your file via Excel to pdf. After that you can select the pdf file and print it.